Sulawesi snapshots

Some pictures of food, us and other stupid things worth mentioned

National Monument, Jakarta

Fatahillah Square, Old City Jakarta

Meals in Garuda restaurant, Jakarta

They serve all dishes without question. We didn’t know that you pay only those you eat … and so we eat and tried everything 😉 505.000RP is 35€

Very thirsty night

Hotel in Makassar at dusk

Best fried rise with seafood

Some delicious snack from Tana Toraya

I caught pokemon

Baloons to every child

Village road

I shoot girls …

… and friend was played by boys

Electrician is working on electricity network after floods

Water buffalo 🙂

Idyllic road

Gambling for fish

Ticket mama

Ke’te’ Kesu’ traditional Torayan village

Happy biker

Banana pancakes for breakfast everywhere … everyday

Girls at Air Terjun Saluopa falls

Those are the real motherfuckers

At Poso lake

At local football game

Eel traps in Tentena

Fruit snack

Fish snack

Airport in Luwuk. We asked where is aiport … at front gate 😉

Bemo in Manado

Wedding in Tomohon

Best murtabak in town

Narcissistic world of selfies …

… and sheep are following on the Bus to Tomohon … 😀

… and to Mt. Lokon vulcano

Wooden houses for sale in Woloan

Boa snake and rice

At Tondano lake

Kali waterfall

Did I mentioned that almost every Indonesian we met wanted to have picture of us

Very common graffiti on Sulawesi

Sweet dumplings

Life sucks 😎

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