Kozara monument is dedicated to the Partisan fighters, fallen soldiers and civilians victims who died in the bloody Kozara Offensive in spring 1942.

On June 10th 1942 the Croatian ustaša, chetnik Serbs and German Wehrmacht surrounded the region and over two months 40.000 civilians were killed, 1700 of 3000 partisans gone and 70.000 civilians sent to concentration camps, mostly Jasenovac.

Within the woods there is a large sanctum area where the walls are covered with dozens of bronze plaques with relief listing names of 9938 fallen Partisan soldiers who died on Kozara during WWII.

The overall design of the monument is 33m tall concrete cylindrical monolith built in 1972 by designer Dušan Džamonja.

Small museum complex

Wooden relief in museum

Chain relief

Armored car in front of museum

Bungalow near ski slope

Abandoned army school polygon

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