Bosnia road trip

Village north of Banja Luka

Nice place to rest

At Kozara NP

Zečiji kamen waterfall

Zečiji kamen with 21 climbing routes

Christ the Savior Cathedral Church in Banja Luka



Plateau SW of Banja Luka

Beat this: 0.75€ for early season strawberries



Kafana Promaha on trail to Skakavac waterfall

Uštipci, sarmice, Sarajevsko, rakija …

Vrelo Bosne

Sarajevski Ćevapi

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  1. by Blaž on May 20, 2017  9:56 am

    Spet sočne fotke in trip za na seznam TO DO! Ma kaki Firence - videti Sarajevo in umreti.

  2. by admin on May 20, 2017  10:33 am

    točn tko. sam gasaaa dol čez :)

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