Equinox on Rab island

Annual end of summer season on Croatian Rab island

Premužić path above Lopar

Holm oaks

Kalifront entry point

The peninsula of Kalifront is famous for its Holm oak, which can be found in the Dundo forest, one of the rare preserved forests in the Mediterranean that spreads on an area of 1400 ha.


The Kalifront wood and reservation park Dundovo are unique forests on the Adriatic sea. It’s an ambient rich in flora and fauna with various birds, small animals, beetles, butterflies, contractor snakes and small reptillia to various flowers, aromatic herbs, weeds and trees.

Lately, on the islands were brought some non native animal species such wild boars, stags and deers, mouflons…

Kalifront cape

Mara bay


Catching dinner

Playing dolphins

Bad weather approaching

Farewell meal

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