Kočna over Jezersko was long time on my “to do” list … until now. With my friend Vojc “The Animal” started early from Ancelj, because weather forecast was not good after 3PM. At Češka hut we stop just for couple gulps of fresh water from spring behind hut.

Path To Češka hut

“Spodnje ravni”

Grintovec north wall

Jezersko down there and Košuta mountain ridge

Jezerska Kočna, last ascent

Funny part

Grintovec from Jezerska Kočna

Kokrska Kočna

Jezerska Kočna from Kokrska Kočna, southern slops already cloudy

Zgornji Dolci and Kalški greben

Taška (steep part on the Suhadolnik – Cojzova hut path)

“Zdolška škrbina” from “Srednji Dolci”

“Grdi graben”

With Vojc, we always find beautiful but steep road down, not very grateful for our knees

With second car we drove back to Jezersko and Planšarsko lake. Food at the lake was good, cold beer on the sun even better … 10 minutes after, on our way down, it was heavy storm with lightning … I think we’re lucky 😉


  1. by Sašo on August 2, 2011  5:20 pm

    Kul! Imam v "things to do" že nekaj let. Nekako se ne spravim v tiste konce. Vreme pa vidim, sta imela ravno pravšnje.

  2. by admin on August 2, 2011  5:54 pm

    lih prov oblačn gor grede de nisva švicala, pa lih prov sparčn nazaj grede de je per sedu na konc pr jezer ;)
    priporočam turco, res lepo speljana potka, fajni razgledi...ni de ni

  3. by Tomaž on August 4, 2011  1:00 am

    Ha, tudi sam se pogledoval proti njej in v mislih koval nove podvige, ko sem nazadnje stal na Storžiču. Mogoče pa se nas v soboto vreme le usmili.

  4. by admin on August 4, 2011  7:31 am

    Tomaž, samo gas, res je lepa pot ;)

  5. by Bernhard on November 28, 2015  2:44 pm

    Hi there!

    Man, I just accidentally found your Blog here by searching tours in the region of the Kamnik Alps. I've been on Jezersko Sedlo this summer and saw those mountains for the first time (a shame for a man from Celovec/Austria). Jezerska Kocna seemed to be a really impressive mountain, and your pictures here are simply amazing. Slovenia is such a beautiful country, and the only comparsion to the Kamnik and Julian Alps seem to be the Dolomites.

    Greetings from Austria

  6. by admin on November 29, 2015  9:23 am

    Hi Bernhard, thx for stopping by and nice words
    I very agree with your last sentence. If you're looking for tours in Slovenian mountains we have forum with descriptions and conditions of paths http://www.hiking-trail.net/ but it's not all in English.
    If you need any info you can freely ask me ;)
    BR from Kranj

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