Underground Command silo, Pervomaysk

Entrance to the Underground unified command post (UCP) silo

Compartment’s purpose:
– zero compartment is the power supply system of UCP (the compartment is located outside the capsule, on its upper outer side)
– 1st and 2nd compartments hold diesel generators
– 3rd is equipped with communications equipment
– 4th system of automatic control and monitoring
– 5th communications equipment
– 6th, 7th and 8th is equipped with hardware to ensure power supply to all objects of UCP
– 9th and 10th for launch missiles
– 11th is command post with control panel, remote control and monitoring and all communications
– 12th compartment is room for duty squad resting

View from the top platform (zero level) of Unified Command Post in the mine. The depth of the mine – 45 meters, diameter – 6 meters.

Section 6.2
Descending on the elevator. Doors are closed manually.

Postern leading from the cooling center to UCP

The access was provided by coded locks. Codes were constantly changing. If you were wrong 3 times, you will be locked between the two doors until the evil patrol with dogs arrives.

Steel doors

After a nuclear explosion on the surface various radiation sensors come into action, and the command post automatically starts using an autonomous ventilation system (like in a submarine). This air is enough for 45 days. As the heat from all the working equipment is too high, a 35-ton reserve of frozen ice is used. There are installations for making many tons of ice in each silo.

Local phone network

Electric and generator controls

Section 3.1

Equipment of control room. The three combat crews of command post were on duty for 6 hours each. During this time they had to continuously monitor all changes on the scoreboard equipment command. Mission control center is on 11th compartment.

Chair of the head. If there was a need for launching missiles he had to take out special keys from the safe in the corner

The control of chief officer on duty squad. Special key should be put into this computer (in the right bottom corner). The second officer did exactly the same things with the other key and computer on other side of the control room.

Famous “nuclear button”. And it’s not red and big like in stupid hollywood movies 😉
To launch the missiles both officers had to simultaneously turn both keys and press “nuclear button”

The lowest, 12th sector of unified command post. Used for recreation of duty squad. Numerous sections are for keeping secret documents. In the pre-Gorbachev days the kit included 5 bottles of vodka and the Makarov pistol that the officers could make their last decision, after the whole world had already been destroyed 😯


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