Kozina – Trieste

Old trail road is 20km long with 490m altitude. It has 5 tunnels, 13 bridges and 6 viaducts. It’s also interesting bcs of many viewpoints to Glinščica valley and climbing spots along the route.


Glinščica valley


Start/End station in Trieste


  1. by Mare'M on April 19, 2013  10:25 pm

    Huda obdelava...
    Nex + ribje oko?

  2. by admin on April 19, 2013  11:15 pm

    Kao fišaj http://www.sony.si/product/dodatki-nex/vcl-ecf1. Ni neke kvalitete ker to je nastavek za čez šipo, tkole za afnt je pa dobr, ga skoz na 8 blendo žgem dej gmh :)

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