Titov bunker, BiH

Not far from Bosninan city Konjic in the Neretva valley there are three “holiday cottages”. No one knew that they were just a mask to enter the biggest atomic shelter in the former Yugoslavia. From all three wide tunnels lead to large shelter where 350 people could survive six months without any contact with the outside world.

Bunker is made in the shape of a horseshoe and is divided into 12 blocks. The most important blocks 6-Communications, 8-Tito’s residence, 9-Air facilities, 10-Oil tank and 11-Water.

Bunker was built in case of a third World War and fear that Yugoslavia would be collateral damage between East and West block firing nuclear weapon. It’s able to withstand the attack four times stronger than the one that devastated Hiroshima.

The building covers 25,000 square meters of which 6,500 is residential area.

Expansion container for water pressure regulation

Electric power generator. There are three of them.

Construction lasted 26 years. Began in 1953 and completed 1979. Cost: 4.6 billion $.

The temperature is between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius and humidity of 60 to 70 percent.

Bunker existence was known only a few dozen of the top military officials and 15 specially selected who have worked on serving bunker.

Main telephone switchboard

Telex room

Carrier air conditioning machine

Inside the building there is 21 systems for maintenance: connections, transformers, generators, air conditioning, water tanks, fuel tanks, waste water treatment, heating, medical, kitchen .. There are two containers with 50 tons of oil, two types of climate, pool with 170 cubic meters of water, running water from natural wells, located in the mountain. Each system has an alternative in case the first fails.

Before the start of the outbreak of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina general Milutin Kukanjac, commander of the 7th JNA Army Region, ordered on the night of the 7th and 8th of May in 1992 to destroy the object ARK. “Destroy everything you can’t take it,” was the order that was supposed to activate 4,500 tons of trotil that has already been set up in the bunker. General Grabovica, a retired Army Colonel, now Head of shifts in the underground facility says: We needed to evacuate through a secret exit and detonate the explosives. In general panic I managed to rip the wire that is supposed to be activated explosives so that nothing flew into the air.

It’s equiped with more than 100 bedrooms with comfortable beds, two large conference rooms, five operational centers with direct telephone links with the Presidency of the former Yugoslavian Federal Republic’s and cable TV, two kitchens, five large bathrooms, cryptographic center, the hospital operating room.

Dining room with kitchen

Deepest point, Conference room, is located 202 meters horizontally from the entrance and 280 meters below Zlatar mountain.

Tito never visited this atomic shelter

Yugoslavian banknotes

Iskra phones

Telephone network scheme

Moment when Boško Buha was shot dead

In atomic shelter Biennial of contemporary art takes place every two years


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