Organic farmer’s market

The most trendy of the Amsterdam markets, has began in 1987 when Adri Vallentin, then owner of the popular café Winkel on the Noordermarkt, has setup nine biological food stalls, hoping to draw more clients on Saturday morning to his café.

Traditional market of pigeons and canaries, which for a century stood on Noordermarkt each Saturday morning faltered, but the idea of biological food quickly picked up with the public. The clients come here from distant cities in the Netherlands, guided by the increasingly difficult task of buying healthy food. The Farmers Market became a real social phenomena and recently a book (in Dutch) has been published about it.

Snacks for our 4 legged friends

People give this market its unique atmosphere. The stall operators, always full of enthusiasm and in good spirits, constantly banter back and forth with the shoppers. The shoppers themselves are quite an eclectic mix – gourmands, chefs, Amsterdamers, tourists, expats…

Products are fresh, fragile and get quickly spoilt.

At the Farmers Market one can find natural made cheese, biological eggs, fresh fish, bread, honey, herbs, spices, nuts, home made cakes, mushrooms, vegetables, meat, oils, fruits and flowers of the season.

The real specialty of the Farmers Market are mushrooms – fresh, in all shapes and colors, collected in the Dutch forests but also brought here from countries as France or Lithuania.

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