As Sab balcony walk

Trek to abandoned village As Sab Bani Khamis

Driving on Jebel Shams plateau

Sleeping on the edge

Start of the trek at Al Khitaym village

Ledges over An Nakhur gorge

Ruins of As Sab

Village was home to 15 families. It was well protected against enemies and had a good supply of water.

There are spina christi, juniper, acacia and olive trees around.

On terraces they grow watermelon, onion, chilli pepper, tomato, wheat, pomegranate, lemon, basil.

Falay – ancient irrigation system

There is equipped vertical via ferrata over the cliffs to the plateau

Omani “Grand canyon”

Locals herded goats, sheeps and donkeys.

An Nakhur gorge

Blue monster

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