Il Troi dai Borgs

MTB tour somewhere back in different times

Stavoli, Moggessa die Qua and Moggessa di Là

Morolz village below Monte Sernio and Creta Grauzaria

Some monkeys

Moggessa di Là

Moggessa di Quà

Borgo di Mezzo

Click Moggessa di Là for more info about abandoned villages

Moggessa di Quà

Crossing Torrente Glagno


  1. by Blaž on October 3, 2016  3:00 pm

    Sline se pocedijo... Lepa tura, 100 % vreme. Fotke pa.. Bravo!

  2. by admin on October 3, 2016  3:10 pm

    Lepa, tudi za ponavljat :) thx

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