Around Pasubio massif with bike

“Strada degli Eroi” – from galleria d’Havet to rifugio Papa

Rifugio Achille Papa just under Porte del Pasubio

Last meters before Cima Palon

Cima Palon

“Strada degli Scarubbi” is 10.5 km long. It starts from Xomo Pass and goes to Porte del Pasubio

Because of its northern exposure it was not usable during winter and for most of the spring in World War I.
These factors necessitated the construction of the “Strada delle 52 Gallerie”, more secure, but not accessible to motor vehicles.

“Strada delle 52 Gallerie”

This road is accesible only by foot for couple of years, bcs some biker run onto hiker and they both flew over the edge

Road of 52 tunnels is a military mule road built from 6 of February 1917 to November 1917 by the 33th Company of the Italian Army with the help of 600 workers

It winds between Bocchetta Campiglia 1216m and Porte del Pasubio 1934m crossing the southern slope of the mountain, outside of the range of Austro-Hungarian artillery

The road is 6555 meters long of which 2280 are divided into 52 tunnels

Each tunnel is numbered and characterized by a particular name (name of generals, Italian cities…)

“Sacello Ossario del Pasubio” – Pasubio Ossuary
Built in 1926 and holds the mortal remains of over 5000 soldiers, both Italian and Austrian, killed in the Pasubio area during World War I

Southern slope of Pasubio massif


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