Treskavec monastery, Macedonia

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Last post from Macedonia road trip is about Treskavec monastery near Prilep town. It’s build just under Mount Zlato, surrounded with unusual karst rock formations, 8km north from Prilep. We started from Dabnica village, where it took us almost two hours to reach the top and then next 3 hours to reach Markovi kuli (Marco’s cross) above Prilep.

Mount Zlato

Women monastery under Markovi kuli

Near Dabnica village where we start our trek to monastery

Flowers everywhere. Take big memory cards, it’s a lot to photograph 🙂

There’s no shade at all on the road and we desperately needed sunscreen.

It’s possible to sleep in monastery. We came to late to Prilep day before, so unfortunately didn’t have time to reach monastery before dark

View to Prilep direction

Treskavec monastery under Mount Zlato

Prilep and Markovi kuli

Some home made meats and cheese after log sunny day

More pictures in portfolio gallery

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